Our Approach

We start with a conversation to gather your information and understand your situation. We then work with you to establish your goals and agree on the best approach.

Drawing on our extensive experience, we tailor the next steps to meet your challenges and goals. We agree on a program that will be manageable and achievable but will unlock your potential.

Career transitions and crossroads

You might be thinking about moving into a new business area of the organisation you work for, or you might want to completely change the industry you work in.

All professional transitions can feel daunting at first. We use our breadth of experience to identify the potential challenges and assess risk, and guide you through the next exciting phase of your career.

Make the move

Career advancement and promotion

Advancing your career means being strategic about your next steps, and this requires planning. We can help you identify your goals and consider your options, then work with you to develop a plan that has you heading in the right direction.

Get Ahead

Re-entering the workforce

If you’re returning to work, confidence can be an issue and you're bound to encounter some changes. We have been on this journey and can help you with the transition.

Be prepared

New job

We work with you to map out the challenges, responsibilities, management and culture in your new role. Drawing on our broad experience, we identify issues, risks and strategies to meet the challenges of a new workplace and career path.

Take the first step

Work-life balance

Work-life balance is about successfully juggling the competing demands of your job and the rest of your life. We will work with you to pursue your career ambitions while you maintain your commitment to your family, health and leisure.

Get in balance

Organisational strategy

Working out where your company, teams or individuals want to be requires analytical tools, processes, strategies, scenario testing, short-term goals and long-term objectives. We help you set a clear strategic direction.

Tender and grant writing, reviewing and editing

Start strategising